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How to solve the problems about the rewinding machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-30
Rewinding machine paper will often appear some problems, is often used to cut a wide coil points, more follow-up again played an important role, rewinding machine is a kind of used in paper, mica tape, film special equipment. The problems we are generally how to solve the problems about the rewinding machine? Rewinding machine roll problem and the solution is as follows: 1, now began to do, always waste a lot of paper. How can reasonable use? Solution: how to make full use of paper, reduce waste. This is you in the usual time pay more attention to; You must work hard in the purchase, bought large width of paper roll to appropriate, two such removal is less. Second, you at the time of rewinding, try not to cut paper, don't appear nonconforming, thus you will get less waste from this. 2, paper cutter to remove the roll of paper is always bad, how to transfer the level off. Solution: paper cutter cut out paper roll is always bad, this will be fixed your big paper roll and the parallelism of rewinding machine cylinder, otherwise the paper will be to tilt to the crooked. 3, rainy day is always a problem. Concern and paper and wet. Solution: toilet paper is good water imbibition, rainy days because the air humidity is bigger, is therefore likely to be large volumes of outer and inner different dryness, cause the deformation of the paper strength also have change, cause easily broken paper roll, quantitative deviation, etc. 4, when the paper is always the right sorrow when core belt broke a small, the result is always not to get up, do not volume. Solution: if you always cut off on the right, then look at the tension is bigger than the left side is the paper, the result of the side pull too tight and cut paper. All of us at the time of operation using the rewinding machine, we all problems of the rewinding machine, we can timely solve the problems.
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