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How to solve the problem of A4 paper cutter insurance screw break easily

by:Sunny     2020-05-05
A4 paper cutter in the cutting process, insurance screw is often broken happens sometimes. This is mainly due to several reasons: 1. The blade has a sharp edge is not enough; 2. Knife holder around two slider has worn; 3. Not often screw fastening insurance; Insurance screw in the right direction when installation; 4. As a safety pin has not been a back sword has fallen against the safety switch; 5. Connect insurance two end face for deformation of the screw and not enough level, etc. 6. Blade to cut into the blade too far or due to blade grinding straight enough, in order to cut off all the paper and dispatch the knife too deep; Because there will be other electrical causes of failure. Through the above content, believe everybody for A4 paper cutter fault had certain understanding, also can solve these problems in a timely manner.
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