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How to set control cutting machine

by:Sunny     2020-05-04
Make sure all the film after leaving the chuck on the car, using film button when buying a cutting blade, the first thing to understand their needs. We need to buy what kind of blades? Don't look at the appearance of the blade or to buy at cheap price. You buy the blade is absolutely not. It is suitable for you, not the quality of this blade is very good. It will be for a period of time has been broken. When buying a blade, don't always pursue brand goods. Best buy a suitable electrical isolation switch ( Set up in front of the electric control cabinet) , according to EMERCENCYSTOPRESET and READYTORUN button, keys to open the MACHINE to RUN ( The main operating platform) Check the voltage ( 380V) , current is correct and stable. Open the power switch (hydraulic system Set in the main hydraulic drive rack) And check the oil level and the main hydraulic system pressure gauge display is correct and stable. Open the air shut off valve ( Set up under the pneumatic control cabinet on the inlet pipe) , check the air pressure is correct ( Not less than 6. 0bar) And stability. According to cutting single arrangement of film type, thickness, length, width Settings, such as cutting the menu. From a PDF file corresponding BOPP film archive. Set the corresponding specification of the membrane winding length and width. Choose corresponding winding station, adjust and roller roller arm, set up corresponding specifications of the paper core. Feeding: according to the cutting plan order requirements, in accordance with the operating rules of driving, according to the actual situation, the aging mother hanging take corresponding volume, according to the inside and outside of the corona to choose direction on rolling rack cutting machine, and the control button clamping steel core, leaving steel reinforced bracket and driving. Wear film: when cutting machine without membrane, must wear membrane. Use cutting machine wear membrane device and function keys, the original film moored on wear eye film link, button start wearing membrane, the membrane along the cutting process to smooth distribution on each roll.
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