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How to rule out cutting rewinding machine fault

by:Sunny     2020-05-01
The cutting and rewinding machine, it is a kind of papermaking equipment, its purpose is to paper machine production out of paper roll ( Referred to as the base paper roll) In turn, rewinding, the paper made into finished products after rewinding paper factory. At present, the cutting and rewinding machine with ac drive instead of dc transmission in the cutting and rewinding machine industry has become a development trend. The machine after there will be more or less permanent problem, let small make up to answer questions how to eliminate the cutting and rewinding machine fault. A fully open the cutting and rewinding machine photoelectric protection function failure, after dealing with the emergency machine can still work, but considering the security personnel, turn off the power supply first, remove the circuit board, the visual power bridge pile, if power around the bridge pile base board becomes angry, then bridge pile was burn out. If not damage of bridge pile, need to reflect on the terminating end voltage stabilizing block is failure, the circuit board can be loaded on the machine, restart the photoelectric protection function. Easy to break if you print the knife, wool roller after using gears and you need to back to factory renovation, if need to replace the steel roller embossing device have embossed pattern, you need to put steel roll back to original factory modified.
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