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How to operate the cutting and rewinding machine after sudden blackout

by:Sunny     2020-04-27
The cutting and rewinding machine after work when suddenly loses power solutions: 1, cut off the power switch in time, prevent suddenly calls, cause unnecessary damage. 2, immediately the paper to clean up the cutting and rewinding machine, due to the sudden blackouts, cause of mechanical part of the paper, in order to avoid in the cutting and rewinding machine left the paper which might affect the future production. Compound method of the cutting and rewinding machine, cutting rewinding machine compound including installation order rewinding roller, the rewinding roller, after rewinding roller and with the with the same linear velocity of rewinding roller roller, it has the following characteristics is the roller on the base paper rewinding and timely in the process of rewinding roller speed tensile base paper by a drive mechanism of driving and rewinding roller movable contact.
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