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How to maintain good cutting rewinding machine?

by:Sunny     2020-05-05
The cutting and rewinding machine is set light, electricity, gas integration of a new generation of products, can be applied to all kinds of paper, film, cellophane paper, aluminum foil, stickers and plastic drum shape materials such as PVC high precision wire rod slitting and rewinding. So how to maintain good cutting rewinding machine? 1, every day, or per shift for the machine maintenance and cleaning: ( 1) Every time after the completion of the production, will clean the machine. ( 2) Before cleaning the machine, shut off the power, to ensure safety. ( 3) Clean, do not water or steam spray directly on the machine. ( 4) To clean the main components: if the product and debris accumulation on the conveyor roller, perforated knife fine, had better use compressed air to remove or other methods to remove it. The dirt from the perforated knife, adhesive, etc. , use the blade to clean it. With a soft cloth to wipe out panel, workbench, the paint on the surface of the dirt. 2, monthly maintenance and inspection of the machine: ( 1) Add grease for main components of the packer on the bearing; ( 2) To the transmission parts of the gear and chain ( Wheel) Add grease; ( 3) Check whether driving part of the chain and belt tension, if there is loose, tighten them; ( 4) Check if parts of fastening screw or nut loose, if you have loose, its pressure. 3, every six months to make relevant inspection machine: ( 1) Check the transmission part of the belt for wear and tear, if the serious wear and tear, and the need to replace the new; ( 2) Check whether the rubber roller wear and tear, if influence feed effect need to replace the new one. ( 3) Check all kinds of wearing parts, pay attention to the timely replacement. ( 4) Check on the electrical wiring board wiring is firm, if there is loose, tighten its good, check the inverter, circuit boards, such as any dust or dirt, with a clean, dry compressed air to blow clean. Please shut off the power before the above operation.
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