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How to maintain cutting machine blade need?

by:Sunny     2020-05-16
Blade cutting machine is cutting machine are needed, cutting machine blades are small, but it is necessary to organize personnel to protect, and keep the operator is necessary to be familiar with the structure of the machine tool, the function. To prevent overload use round blade, we don't cutting hardened steel and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel and other materials. How to maintain cutting machine blade need? 1, blade should adhere to the sharp blade, blade dull or damaged, should be timely repair or swap. Many people operation should be the specialist command, cooperation should be harmonious. Cutting circular blades stop on shear two different standards of data at the same time, prohibit overlapping shear. 2, cutting machine blade sheared artifacts necessary to place smoothly, do not pile up too high, eliminate accumulation in the aisle. Tailings and waste to clear in time, place and tidy. 3, cut cut into the material when promoting clamp the following stop handle, cut short should the other with steel pin, the fingers when cut off the edge of at least 200 mm. After get hold on the line, should immediately hold pry out before shearing, such as iron have walked. We are all on the blade cutting machine maintenance, we all need to do a good job in the above these maintenance work, maintain good our products are very important to us.
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