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How to choose a good cutting machine blade material?

by:Sunny     2020-05-04
Cutting machine is in the process of production according to the different needs of wide materials for trimming, cutting, etc. A device. All of us in choosing cutting machine blade material, normally we are how to choose the material cutting machine? We in choosing the blade cutting materials, in the development of high speed cutting machine to now, more and more round knife adopts high speed steel and more advanced alloy materials, cutting machine round blade of cemented carbide materials generally fall into two categories: tungsten cobalt class ( YG class) , composed of WC and Co; Titanium tungsten cobalt class ( YT classes) , composed of WC, TiC and Co. YG carbide circular knife toughness is relatively good, but when cutting and high toughness electronic materials, poor wear resistance. Cutting machine is suitable for processing some of the common material, number of commonly used circular blades have YG3, YG6 and YG8, figures show that the chemical elements Co content percentage of cobalt. Co content of cobalt, brittle more wear-resisting. YT cemented carbide than YG high hardness, good heat resistance, and is more wear-resisting, when cutting and ductile materials but less ductile brittle fracture. Commonly used circular knife brand has YT5, YT15 and YT30 & throughout; , such as TiC the smaller the more the content of titanium, toughness, and the higher the wear resistance and heat resistance. The digital representation of TiC volume percentage of titanium alloy. All of us in choosing cutting machine blade material, we can according to the above these materials to choose, choose us the appropriate blade material is the key.
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