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Extrusion Coating Machine


Pharmaceutical manufacturers often want production lines and equipment to run continuously, while traditional continuous-running coating machines often have such problems, the operation process is short, and there is great inaccuracy. This paper introduces a new coating process that combines continuous operation with batch processing. 

Conventional continuous-running coating machines often have such problems, the running process is short, and there is great inaccuracy. In addition, the coating of the coating is very thin, because the running time of the machine is limited and some simple pre-processing is required. For this reason, the coating machine needs to install a batch processing program to ensure that the product is finished after the product is finished. The disadvantage is that a lot of loading and unloading procedures are required and the product is subject to mechanical influence. This often requires the use of relatively smaller batch coaters. 

It is desirable to eliminate these shortcomings in the development of continuous running coaters, while at the same time converging the advantages of continuous and batch processes into one system. “We want to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers to enable them to produce qualified drugs and over-the-counter drugs in large quantities.”

This is technically the case where the material is transported through a coating pan that is divided into different compartments. The pill is placed in the compartment for a certain period of time, then sprayed with a sugar solution and the pill is transported to the next compartment. The product is sent from the first compartment to the second compartment, and then from the second compartment to the third compartment, and so on. This allows the drug to be processed in a quality and quantity, resulting in a combined machine that combines the advantages of continuous and intermittent coaters. 

The machine will be customized according to the process technology to ensure the high quality production of the prod

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