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Determine the main factors of the cutting and rewinding machine capacity

by:Sunny     2020-05-22
Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production of the cutting and rewinding machine, our products are of high quality, safe, durable, was deeply loved by the masses of customers and favor. Cutting and rewinding of the rewinding machine quality is determined by three aspects: 1: volume of tension control: during the period of rewinding a paper roll, should try to avoid change rewinding tension, to ensure that the cutting and rewinding machine roll uniform tightness inside and outside. Second, in the process of rewinding if tension control of paper picture is too small, paper roll will produce a loose or skidding on bottom roll, causing wrinkles, sheet paper disease such as mixed. And tension control is too big, will cause the volume or damage the paper core. Therefore, the paper in the process of rewinding operation, the actual control values of constant tension and in tension closed-loop control system is equipped with debugging good inertia instantaneous compensation controller is very necessary. 2: pressure roller line pressure, pressure roller to roll in the process of rewinding of pressure, in the initial stages of rewinding, provided by the paper roll paper roll additional load, and the bottom roller before and after work together to provide a rewinding roll force. With the increase of roll diameter, pressure roller position gradually rise, pressure roller load also gradually reduced, provided the volume size reaches a certain value, the pressure of paper roll load is zero, provided at this point, it only as equipment maintain paper roll position exists the pressure roller pressure control program must undertake choosing according to paper quality and the final diameter,. In general, pressure roller pressure is controlled according to preset pressure curve, the operator without change. 3: before and after the backup roll speed difference. Backup roll force of rewinding speed difference formation, rewinding force determines the size of the tightness of paper roll size, improvement points rewinding machine, rewinding machine cutting force can increase the tightness of paper roll from several aspects, this would be possible to analyze the problem, suit the remedy to the case.
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