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Cutting rewinding machine size is often used

by:Sunny     2020-05-17
In accordance with the length and width of different classification, A4 size: 21 * 29. 7 cm B4 specification: 25 * 35. 4, the specifications of the B5:18. 2 * 25. After 7 of the specifications of the paper refers to paper made, after finishing trimming, cut into 1 set size. The past is open ( For example, 8 or 16 open, etc. ) To represent the size of the paper, now I adopt international standards and regulations with A0, A1, A2, B1, B2. 。 。 。 。 。 The markers to indicate the dimension of a paper specifications. The width of standard paper. With X) And length ( Expressed in Y) Proportion relationship for X: Y = 1: n. In accordance with the basic paper wide area, the wide specification is divided into A series, B series and C series, the dimension of A popular format for A0 size is 841 mm & # 215; 1189 mm, the wide area of 1 square meters; The dimension of a B0 size is 1000 mm & # 215; 1414 mm, the wide area of 2. 5 square meters; The dimension of a C0 size is 917 mm & # 215; 1279 mm, the wide area of 2. 25 square meters; Copy paper specification only take the dimension of A series and B series. If the A0 paper along the length of mode split into two parts, become A1 specifications, the outside will be A1 paper along the length direction, become A2 specifications, so split to A8 specifications; B8 paper also split to B8 specifications according to the method. The dimension of a A0 ~ A8 and B0 ~ B8 size see listed in the table below. A3, A4, A5, A6 and B4, B5, B6 of 7 kinds of wide specifications for the copy paper of the specifications of the frequently used. For example: the & # 8220; A4” Paper, basic size is to type A paper folding four times, so the area of the 1 piece of A4 paper is the basic area of 2 of the 4 power of 1 point of the paper, namely 1/16. The rest of the and so on.
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