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Cutting rewinding machine functional features

by:Sunny     2020-05-21
1, the cutting and rewinding machine optional double embossing, the plastic composite, compared with single embossing can make the paper more soft, finished product two-sided effect, and each layer when using paper not scattered, especially suitable for processing package kitchen towels, and do the same when the size of finished product of 15% or more reduction in weight. 2, the cutting and rewinding machine equipped with processing and unintentionally, solid, tube, toilet paper, paper roll moment may switch between finished products, can also according to customer demand matching. 3, automatic trimming, plastic spraying, sealing, pump shaft moment synchronization is complete, the roll of paper into the band saw cutting and packing are no paper losses, and thus greatly improve the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product, finished product leaves paper tail, convenient enabled. 4 belt paper, pneumatic type, complex scroll and every shaft base paper has independent tension adjusting mechanism. It's got the definition of the cutting and rewinding machine now. Advantage that describe the way, its value cannot be overemphasized. And indication at the same time, the paper industry of hebei province coming of the era of rapid development.
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