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Cutting of glass wool cut machine in the cutting knife device is there any requirement?

by:Sunny     2020-05-11
Used to cut glass wool cut machine, including head, blade, connecting rod, cutting machine, eccentric shaft, eccentric wheel, motor and speed reducer; Among them, the motor output connection speed reducer, and fixed on the eccentric shaft together, eccentric were set up on both ends of the eccentric shaft, eccentric wheel are connected to the connecting rod upper, position in the middle of the connecting rod is equipped with a cutting plane; The top of the connecting rod connected to the rest, and set up the blade on the tool carrier. Compared with the traditional cut machine, the utility model has simple structure, good balance. Internal eccentric design causes the motor to drive the operation, can realize the function of crosscutting; At the same time, this structure is used, simplifies the traditional complex cross-cutting machine, heavy structure, equipment cover an area of an area small, use material of low cost, low cost, small power consumption, satisfied the production requirement. Used to cut glass wool cut machine, including frame, installed in a rack back end position of the cutter device, installed on the frame and is located in the front cutter device board conveyer, frame front end is equipped with an extension of the extension forward, between frame and cardboard conveying device is equipped with the cardboard conveying device can goes back and forth in the extension sets mobile mechanism, mobile mechanism including in cardboard conveying device on both sides of the bearing seat, is located in the roller of bearing seat structure, set up on the rack with the corresponding set of guide roller structure, cross-cutting machine includes a frame can make the cardboard conveying device with relatively fixed, between the positions of solid structure. The utility model of the mobile mechanism make the cardboard conveying device can be moved back and forth on the rack and positioning, facilitate inspection on cutter device maintenance, and simple structure, convenient operation, the utility model of cross-cutting machine is a kind of suitable for wide popularization and application of new type of crosscutting device.
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