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Cutting machine tension properly adjusting method

by:Sunny     2020-05-15
Cutting machine widely used in packaging and printing industry. Wide application of cutting machine, able to strip of film is divided into small specifications of the film strip, convenient for thin film processing or use film directly. Cutting machine tension adjustment method is right? Cutting machine tension adjusting mechanism, including began to turn the lever, the rotating rod, connecting rod, began regulating component and a second component, a, second, rotating pole, respectively, and the connection on both ends of the link rod, the first rotating rod end is equipped with the regulating wheel, described the first adjust components include spring and screw, spring ends respectively connected to the screw and the connection rod, and second adjusting components including line spacing, described connecting both ends respectively connected to the limit and the second rotating rod, limit set in the feed wheel. All of us at the time of operation, slitting machine tension adjusting mechanism can keep a certain tension in the process of conveying, so as to ensure cutting and the quality of the products, we don't need to consume energy, reduce the energy consumption of equipment, reduce the cost. When we were on the cutting machine tension control, we can according to different needs to adjust the tension by adjusting the spring in, it is very important to correctly adjust cutting machine.
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