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Cutting machine, paper cutting is not normal operation should how to solve these problems?

by:Sunny     2020-05-16
Cutting machine used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. Cutting machine cut paper will present paper without being blocked, present situation we don't get nervous, we observe carefully, find the corresponding solutions to solve the problem, then you know paper cutting cutting machine does not function properly how do we solve these problems? 1. Volume two roll slitting machine together, sheet didn't cut is often attack little trouble, if appear this kind of problem, the first thing to check whether the paper cutting knife blade shape, if the shape, is to check the paper cutting knife knife is on the bottom knife to a knife after check. 2. Cutting machine in cutting paper knife rising process does not reach the designated position, check the appearance limit is normal, check it again broken paper cutter tooth box, whether oil level is too low, lead to rise enough, check the cutting paper knife three rows of chain, chain is stretched too much. 3. Paper cutting knife blade cutting machine manual rolling beating large incised paper cutter head, replace circular knife shaft. 4. Cutting machine cutting paper knife rising in the process of tool post on the rollers, check the cutting paper knife on both sides of the cylinder is on the rise in the process of normal operation, no action, if there is a cylinder head will be posted on roll surface, then need to replace the cylinder. Cutting machine, paper cutting is not normal operation, mainly described above the cutting machine, paper cutting is not normal operation, mainly described above the cutting machine, paper cutting is not functioning, mainly manifested in these places above, all of us need for these problems to solve problems.
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