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Cutting machine operation what are the requirements?

by:Sunny     2020-04-29
In we are in the process of cutting machine cutting can be roughly divided into three kinds of methods: flat knife slitting circular knife cutting, extrusion and cutting. Flat knife cutting is the same as razor, one blade or double blade fixed on a fixed tool post, that the sword will data longitudinal incision, cutting and intentions to arrive. Cutting machine machine machine should be installed in the appropriate temperature, dry and ventilated place, the light is good, convenient operation. So you know all of us at the time of cutting machine operation, the general operating cutting machine what are the requirements? Fixed length cutting control is divided into two kinds of static and dynamic cutting. Cutting machine the entire volume or the entire of fixed length cutting and processing of raw materials. Cutting length can be set in a continuous, if there is a error of the actual cutting length, easy way by setting parameter calibration. Fixed-length cutting is the most important performance indicators, precision cut length of finished good consistency. Cutting machine is a kind of wide paper, mica tape or thin film materials, machinery and equipment, cutting into multiple narrow commonly used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. All of us at the time of cutting machine operation, we can according to the above the operation requirements of cutting machine, correct approach to cutting machine operation are all we need to do.
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