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Cutting machine on safety operation

by:Sunny     2020-05-15
Cutting machine is a kind of wide paper or film cutting into multi-volume narrow materials, mechanical equipment, it is different from we often say the slitting machine equipment. Usually, slitting machine is wide coil material in the form of single layer after rolling strip cutting way. Cutting machine on the safety of the operation method is what? Open electrical isolation switch ( Set up in front of the electric control cabinet) , according TO EMERCENCY STOP RESET and READY TO RUN button, keys TO open the MACHINE TO RUN ( The main operating platform) Check the voltage ( 380V) Correct, current, stable; Open the power switch (hydraulic system Set in the main hydraulic drive rack) , check the oil level and the main hydraulic system pressure gauge shows is correct and stable; Open the air shut off valve ( Set up under the pneumatic control cabinet on the inlet pipe) , check the air pressure is correct ( Not less than 6. 0bar ) And stability. According to cutting single arrangement of film type, thickness, length, width, etc in cutting and menu Settings; From the PDF file of the corresponding BOPP film archives; Set the corresponding specification of the membrane winding length, width, Choose corresponding winding station, adjust and roller roller arm, set up corresponding specifications of the paper core. Cutting machine, it is the whole roll material, through the blade rotation to opposite parent volume complete material cutting a few, is cutting machine. Common cutting machine of single pipe cutting machine, double pipe cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, and other forms. We use cutting machine in operating safety operation problem, we can according to the above safety operation method to operate.
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