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Cutting machine often fail reason have?

by:Sunny     2020-05-11
Cutting machine will always appear all sorts of problems in practical application, some think it is caused by the old machine, but this is only a kind of objective reasons, then cutting machine often fail reason have? Cutting machine has a strict time cooperate relationship, and assembly tolerances and regulating value, removal and excessive regulation is busy purpose machine accelerated wear and once again the main reason for the failure. General new machines in the factory are installation and debugging good, after quality inspection, through the fission of the packing and shipping. Not just cutting machine level and reasonable installation problem, there is the question of inspection and correction. Even so is the old machine, as for the maintenance, the use is not much said, is not a simple disassembling maintenance, not only to find the causes of failure, but also found with other problems. Cutting machine spare parts procurement and processing quality, not any parts and electrical components to use original accessories, original accessories of the high cost of purchasing cycle is long, unless special or key spare parts and other parts most parts and electrical components are can substitute, as long as the parts processing technology and the components and features. We use cutting machine in operating, for cutting machine malfunction problem is above the main reason leading to, problems we should according to the problems to solve the problem.
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