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Cutting machine for routine maintenance?

by:Sunny     2020-05-15
Traditional control scheme of the cutting machine is a big rolling shaft, motor to drive on and scroll with magnetic powder clutch, by adjusting the current of magnetic powder clutch to control the resistance, to control the tension of the material surface. Cutting machine for routine maintenance? Cutting machine five daily maintenance methods are as follows: 1, local to the appliance to regular cleaning and inspection, promptly eliminate hidden dangers. 2, the use of the cutting machine is completed by slitting machine, cut machine, so, we should use the high quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife. 3, the cutting machine of daily maintenance to reach the designated position, the criterion is that smooth, clean and liquidation) In place to ensure that the equipment of the sliding parts in good condition. 4, to improve the technical quality of the cutting machine to operating personnel and the degree of operation to achieve to control the local personnel, without permission anyone may not operate on its own. 5, is to maintain work on rotating parts, regular and irregular inspection to stop. Implement a regular adjustment, change regularly, commutator and make detailed records, to extend the life of the equipment used. We are all on the cutting machine for routine maintenance, we all should be in accordance with the above these maintenance methods to the cutting machine maintenance, right to maintain good cutting machine is all of us need.
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