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Cutting machine common problems and solutions

by:Sunny     2020-05-16
Cutting machine is one of the important equipment, paper products processing industry paper manufacturers to use this equipment almost every day, if there is a fault will cause the production process, factory will have a loss. In general, if you don't pay attention to daily maintenance staff at ordinary times, cutting machine will often appear some problems, in order to bring the occasional small problems timely, we summarized the following problems more often for your reference, hope to be of help: first, paper cutting and receive a volume. This is mostly due to the paper core is not applicable, meets the requirements should be replaced inside diameter of paper core, used in the process of winding winding roller, also can avoid cutting and receive a volume. Second, cutting and winding materials up trend. The main winding tension is incorrect, adjust the paper cutting machine suitable winding tension, winding roller to be used and will be cutting material package overvoltage roll before entering the winding paper core. Third, the meter counter is not allowed. Round the problem, the meter can be double contact feed roller at the same time, and do a marker on meter wheel hand five laps to number 1 meter or replacement of the meter. This is the staff of common problems in operation often cutting machine, in order to quickly solve will remember this time, there may be other new problems, whether rewinding machine or napkin machine, can consult these paper machinery manufacturers, professional and technical personnel to help solve.
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