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Cutting machine boot operation matters needing attention

by:Sunny     2020-05-15
Changes to the specifications, the paper core in inner and outer winding arm, roller is in the ready state, notify all personnel left the machine and ready to run. ANTI - the main console STAICBARS in AUTO, READYTORUN open, and start the MACHINERUN. When the inside and outside the end of the machine stops, use the uninstall button put film prepared on unloading car, cutting film and sealing adhesive stick film roll. Using the collet chuck release button release and check whether the membrane core has left. If the CARDS still on the core, please manually manually remove the film. Make sure all the film after leaving the chuck on the car, used the film button up the winding arm, install the corresponding paper core, then film paste on the paper core, so that the next cut. When the film run to set length, device will automatically stop. During the period of equipment operation, you can according to need to press MACHINESTOP stop. When need a quick stop, press MACHINESTOP button is greater than 2 s. When the equipment or man-made accidents and other emergencies, please press the EMERGENCYSTOP stop emergency. Before starting, ensure that the voltage, current and the hydraulic equivalent is correct and stable. Before the equipment is ready to run, all staff must inform departure before starting operation equipment to ensure the personal safety. Cutting machine in operation, banned touch film or roll core operation, to avoid the hand scratches caused personal injury. In the process of operation, banned scrape or cut with a knife or hard objects each roll core.
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