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Cutting machine blade will appear what problem?

by:Sunny     2020-05-17
Cutting machine used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. And high-speed cutting machine is a kind of high efficiency, high-precision processing equipment, in paper making, printing industry, paper industry and trade industries widely used. So you know the general cutting machine blade will appear what problem? Cutting machine blade produce flash: 1, the cutting machine blade is dull, should be grinding; 2, cutting machine blade with groove shallow; 3, cutting machine blade knife slot paper into paper edge, hair, should be thoroughly cleaned to boot; 4, cutting machine blade groove clearance is too large, general with no greater than 2. It is advisable to 5 mm. Cutting machine blade indentation line easy to burst: 1, the inferior base paper; 2 and line pressing too deep. Cutting machine blade cutting cardboard tail deviation: 1, the cutting machine blade paper improper positioning damper adjustment; 2, cutting blade has a blunt, linear velocity are different with other knife; 3, paper cutting machine blade guide wheel improper; 4, improper blade paper cutting machine. High-speed cutting machine blade is a must-have for production of paper industry production processing link, the blade cutting machine if there is a deviation will affect the quality of the paper products manufacturing. So we should according to the deviation of different paper products common analysis, to reduce the potential risks. Cutting machine blade appear problem, mainly is the above these problems, there is a problem we need to solve the problem in time, we can from the above problems to solve the problem.
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