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Basic knowledge points machine instructions

by:Sunny     2020-05-11
1, the cutting machine the entire volume or the whole of fixed length cutting and processing of raw materials, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood cutting and processing, etc. Will use fixed length cutting control. 2, fixed length cutting control divided into two kinds: static and dynamic cutting in setting length arrived down accurately, and then the static cutting processing, cutting and restart after operation; In setting the length of the arrived, non-stop signal cutting, cutting machine in the process of material movement dynamic cutting and processing. 3, fixed-length cutting is the most important performance indicators, precision cut length of finished good consistency. 4, cutting length can be set in a continuous, if there is a error of the actual cutting length, easy way by setting parameter calibration. Not just cutting machine operation process requirement, rewinding machine, paper napkin machine also has the corresponding technical requirements, each operation for the mechanical equipment staff want to undertake the training before mount guard, so as to reduce the probability of occurrence of the accident. The production and processing, whether human or mechanical operation, we more attention is its efficiency, because of good efficiency not only can increase productivity for processing and manufacturing, also can save the cost. So, in buying cutting machine is focus on its working performance and quality. However, when it comes to the working efficiency of the cutting machine, many people feel that the working efficiency of the cutting machine is only related to the speed of the cutting machine, actually otherwise, I think the working efficiency of the cutting machine with the following factors: cutting speed, yield and the operation takes time, stability, etc. Cutting speed is cutting machine working efficiency is an important index, but if the yield is low, not only can cause the machine work efficiency is low, and will cause costs rise.
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