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About cutting machine tension control

by:Sunny     2020-05-22
Cutting machine tension control instructions: cutting machine magnetic powder brake gear cutting machine put volume group, links, gassing axis with transmission parts and by controlling the torque of the magnetic powder brake to control the speed of volume. According to cutting machine volume group the whole roll material selection to the size of the magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder brake common specifications slitting machine with 12 nm and 25 nm, 50 nm, 100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm. Cutting machine magnetic powder brake is mainly to provide balanced and stable torque, can cooperate tension controller to adjust the torque, the rolling work of cutting machine and the whole efficiency, enhance its quality. Magnetic powder brake tension control precision, simple and convenient, can prevent the cutting machine put volume group materials and cutting machine magnetic powder brake used DC24V dc voltage, cooling natural cooling (optional Air cooling) Device or fan for cooling. At the time of installation please keep cutting machine magnetic powder brake on the horizontal axis and the surrounding environment cannot too wet, etc. Central panel operation, integrated circuit control. The machine parts focused on the control panel operation. Panel main functions: A. B spindle speed adjustment. Set the winding length C. D rolling tension adjustment. Winding tension setting E. Start. Stop button. Cutter adopts circular knife from top to bottom, and can according to different cutting width changing under the knife pad, adjust the cutting width in order to achieve the cutting quality of high quality.
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