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A4 paper cutter can cut stickers trademark

by:Sunny     2020-05-24
A4 paper cutter can be used to cut the size larger stickers trademarks, especially on the cutting precision demand is not high, A4 paper cutter can be used for the stickers trademarks, but, what need reminds is, stickers with paper cutting knife will stick knife! So use A4 paper cutter cut stickers trademark, not only the speed, quality is difficult to guarantee! If it is, of course, the cutting precision and speed requirements is not high, cutting the amount is not much, in appropriate cases, occasionally posing as a flat or can die cutting equipment. Stickers printing adhesive labels often need to use stickers, stickers and cutting knife cutting machine, die-cutting machine, stickers trademark machine after the printing equipment, although A4 paper cutter is mainly used for cutting and the dimensions of the semi-finished product transformation, but the adhesive is best not to consider A4 paper cutter, unless the size is very big, the position requirement is not high also. A4 paper cutter can be used in the paper the size of the transformation and semi-finished products of books and pamphlets binding hair after the cutting, trimming, durable, high efficiency, convenient adjustment, suitable for digital quick printing company, printing factories, government agencies, schools and other kinds of small and medium-sized department, is need in the high-grade office and light printing machine cutting equipment.
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