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3 d carton forming machine?

by:Sunny     2020-04-27
Stereoscopic machine carton forming machine of the main products are: carton forming machine and paper box forming machine, including carton forming machine is indispensable to make carton device. 3 d carton forming machine of the two types of molding machine, hot melt adhesive machine and carton forming machine, hot melt adhesive machine. Three-dimensional paper box forming machine USES the hot melt adhesive machine carton forming machine is the best equipment to produce high-grade products cover carton. Three-dimensional box forming machine adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, hydraulic pneumatic system, touch screen man-machine interface, realize the automatic paper, paper, rubber, automatic cardboard conveying, cradboard shaping corners, positioning components, carton forming the action is completed, the whole machine production automatic online action. Scope of application of three-dimensional box forming machine is applicable to the production of high-grade paper products, such as shoes, shirt boxes, jewelry box and gift box. Three-dimensional box forming machine of the entire process is automated, compared with the traditional handmade production efficiency increase 50 times. Three-dimensional paper box forming machine is mainly described above these, the device of applicability is wide and it is useful to many fields, need this kind of mechanical partners can find we are strong machinery.
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